Brothers – White Hawk Mesquite Smoked Single Malt Whiskey

Brothers White Hawk Single Malt Whiskey.

Our White Hawk Single Malt Whiskey starts with fresh malted barley hand ground in house, then added at the right temperature into our mash tun. But we add something different to our recipe. Instead of traditional Peat smoked Barley we add a Mesquite smoked Barley. Giving our Malt Whiskey a taste that is incredibly smooth and just the right amount of light and subtle Mesquite Smokey flavor with a beautiful lingering taste that makes you want to take another sip. It is so good and smooth we couldn’t wait so we bottle it after distilling and call it Brothers White Hawk Single Malt Whiskey. This unaged White Whiskey is smoother than a lot of aged Whiskeys. And if you think our Brothers White Hawk is great, just wait until after a couple of years inside a charred oak barrel. Mmmmmm.

Sorry this product is only available at the distillery and is not currently available for shipping in California or for California Online Purchase

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